How much do you charge?

The big question! This is always a tough one to answer as it depends so much on the project – how much work is involved and how quickly you would like it done. But to give you an idea here are some sample prices for different projects:

  • General sub-editing and design: £26 an hour/£200 a day
  • Proofreading: £22 an hour (which is around £8.50 per 1000 words)
  • Leaflet design: A5 single-sided £90 or double-sided £130; A4 single-sided £120 or double-sided £180
  • Brochure design: £40 per A4 page or £25 per A5 page
  • Stationery design: business cards £50; letterhead £60
  • Logo design: £200
  • Website design: see our website Dodsworth & Green for more information.

These are just a guide though so please get in touch for a more accurate price.

How quickly can you complete my job?

When would you like it? If I am available I can start work immediately and work to a quick turnaround time. If it’s really urgent then I can offer you a rush service, working over evenings or weekends for an additional cost.

Can I meet you to discuss a project first?

Of course! I would be happy to meet and have an informal chat about a project before you commit to hiring me. I am based in Cheltenham so can easily meet local clients, and am also in London fairly frequently. If you are based further away we can always have a chat via phone or Skype.

Can you work at my offices?

Generally most of my work is carried out remotely, with communication via email, phone or Skype. But I am available to come into clients’ offices for work in some circumstances. I would charge for travel costs and time if applicable though.

What software do you use?

I have experience in using a wide range of different design and photography software and website content management systems. These are the ones I use most frequently, but I’m happy to work with bespoke company systems and learn new formats fast.

  • Design software: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, QuarkXpress
  • Web content management: WordPress (.org and .com), Umbraco, Joomla, Plone
  • Other: Word, InCopy, PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat, Filemaker Pro.
What if you are unavailable?

If I’m not able to work on your project – either if it’s something I don’t do or if I am away or unavailable – then I have a great network of other freelancers and may be able to find someone else who can complete the work for you.