However many times you check something, it can be hard to see the errors in your own work. I am a trained proofreader with many years’ experience and can work on documents of all lengths and sizes – anything from a leaflet to a university dissertation or a novel – whether that’s just a final read-through for typos or a more major fact-checking exercise. I have worked on both fiction and non-fiction materials, and can check both layout and text elements to help make your publication as consistent, accurate and professional as it can be. I can work on both paper or computer files, and amend the original files, mark up queries or supply a separate list of amends, whichever you prefer.


Indexing can be a long and complex job, and although some layout programmes can produce an automatic index, it’s a good idea to have these double-checked. I can also manually produce a bespoke index or contents page for your publication, whether that’s a report, university thesis or book.